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    Are you looking for original and fun ideas to surprise your friends ? This is your game. PARTY PLAY. Have fun with your partner or your friends. You can play 2-4 or more people. ( +18 )

    Get your fun side!!

    HOW TO PLAY: The older player throws the black dice (ACTION) and one colored dice (PART OF THE BODY),the others players throw the colored dice to know which part of the body they represent. The player who has the black dice make the action with the player who match with the part of the body in their dice colored. Once the action is performed on this player, this player will be the next to throw the black dice and so on. Until the party ends or not. There is no time limit, you can play all night. There are multitude of possibilities. More people! More fun will be!


    1 black dice of 20 mm (ACTIONS).
    4 colored dice of 20 mm ( BODY ZONES).