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    Are you and your partner planning a romantic getaway and you don´t want to run out of plans? Do you want to give a touch of excitement to this long- awaited trip? From Secret Play we propose you a series of naughty ideas to make your trip unforgettable.

    Never before has it been so fun to go to the city to see monuments, museums or walk the streets of the old town.
    If you want to laugh and regain the spark, maybe you can decide a place in the city to meet and go out each one of them until you meet at the agreed place. Play game-ending strangers in the room!
    Or how about you try to raise the temperature in the elevator? You can press the button to the top floor and take advantage of that little time to warm up the atmosphere.
    Some of these tests and many more can be found in the City Kit, with which you will not cease to be surprised.

    Take the cards from the kit and arrange the plans as you wish. Fulfill your desires with the accessories that this complete kit offers you.

    The game includes:

    40 Task cards
    1 Vibrating bullet
    1 Kamasutra dice
    1 Peach & Sparkling Wine Massage oil sachet (10 ml)
    1 Strawberry and cream Lube sachet (10 ml)
    1 liquid pleasure enhancer gel sachet (2 ml)

    It is ideal for weekend or day trips, for long-awaited trips, or also to give free rein to your imagination from home fantasizing that you are on the beach. The fun tests that this kit contains, combined with the dice, the vibrating bullet and the sachets, will not leave you indifferent.