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    Break your routine down with Secret Play´s new game: Out of Routine Play.

    How to play?

    The person who gets the highest score on the 6-side dice begins to play. Roll the coloured circles dice to see what type of task you have to perform. In "LONG LIVE ROMANCE" cards you will have the most romantic tasks to perfom, with "LET´S MAKE PLANS" cards, you have the most sensual adventures, "LET´S GO OUT" cards will allow you to break your everyday routine. "FOREPLAY" and "LET´S GET DOWN TO IT" cards will allow you to perform the most sexual tasks and finally, whoever gets a "PRIZE" will enjoy the hottest of the rewards. To see which of the activities you have to do, you should roll the 6-side dice and you´ll see what number you get. (For example, if you get a total of ten between the two dice and you have land on a "PRIZE" card, you´ll have to do the number 10, "FOOD TIME" Task. In "LET´S MAKE PLANS" and "LET´S GO OUT" you may not be able to do the task straight away. But, not to worry! You keep the tasks and you have a week to do them.


    72 Challenges
    3 dice