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    Game rules: The game contains 40 cards in total divided in 3 intensity levels: 20 low intensity cards, 10 medium intensity cards and 10 high intensity cards.

    The cards contain 1 to 3 drops of chocolate according to the intensity:

    1 point: low intensity forfeit card
    2 points: medium intensity forfeit card
    3 points: high intensity forfeit card

    The player, who successfully completes the forfeit, will score the points indicated on the card according to the chocolate drops contained therein.

    First step: Shuffle the 40 cards and place them in a pile upside down. Players must choose heads or tails and flip a coin. This will decide which player starts first.

    To start the game: The player, who starts the game, will pick up a random card and read the corresponding forfeit out loud. After performing the forfeit, the player who has successfully completed it will keep the card and score the points. The game ends when all the cards have been used up. The player who has accumulated the most points is the winner. Your prize will consist of letting yourself be devoured by your partner, after being well cover up with chocolate. Take advantage!

    (220 x 150 mm)


    40 forfeit cards
    1 Blindfold
    1 Body Pen chocolate flavour