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Types of orgasm

Most sex educators agree that orgasms come in a variety of different lengths, intensities, and overall quality. No matter how they’re categorized, depending on what part of the body is stimulated, some sex educators warns against being overly specific about the type of orgasm we’re having, and are encouraging us to be excited about any orgasm and type of pleasure we experiment.  

Each body part can create a specific orgasmic sensation, though there will be some variation from person to person. The most important ingredient in order to have an orgasm is communication. In any kind of sexual play, communication is crucial. This not only allows us to ask for ongoing consent, but telling our partner what we want, how we want and where we want is the best way to ensure maximum pleasure. It’s good to know that a sexual partner isn’t a mind reader, even though we might wish they were.

Other thing we need to take into consideration is that there isn’t an orgasm hierarchy. The cultural belief that vaginal orgasms are better than any other kind of orgasms is simply not accurate.  The vaginal orgasm may be the most famous orgasm, but here are some other types of orgasm we might want to focus our attention on in order to enhance our sexual experiences.


When someone asks what a clitoral orgasm is, we may say this one is the best known type of orgasm. It’s the most popular and accessible way for women to have an orgasm. The clit is a nerve-rich hot spot and it contains eight thousand nerve endings according to more recent studies. A penis has only an average of four thousand. Do the math yourself and take advantage.


Just like vagina, the breasts also swell when you get excited. As a result, the eight hundreds nerves in our breasts become more sensitive to stimulation. Nipples are an important part of that hypersensitive zone. The nerves in the nipple are connected to the brain and clitoris. So by only stimulating the nipples, we also activate those 2 organs. Plus, nipple stimulation helps us release oxytocin, a hormone that induces arousal and helps us to climax.


The G-spot is a tangle of nerve endings and nerve pathways. By stimulating the g-spot, we stimulate our brain and our erotic imagination. As we become more aroused, the g-spot fills with fluid and swells. A climax from g-spot stimulation flows more slowly through our body and is less explosive, but feels deeper.


You don't even have to penetrate the vagina completely for a vaginal climax. After all, the most sensitive zone is the entrance, one to three cm beyond the opening. When we stimulate the zone around it, it produces a relaxed and pleasant feeling. When we continue to build that feeling, it can lead to the contraction of our pelvic floor muscles and therefore an orgasm. The vagina symbolizes femininity, soft power and sexual pleasure. The vaginal opening is interlaced with nerve endings and is a very sensitive part of the vulva. The stimulation of the vaginal opening and the skin around it can induce orgasmic feelings.


It is something that anyone can have. However what causes the orgasm is different depending if we’re talking about vulva or penis owners. For penis owners, anal penetration can stimulate the prostate, which is a nerve-dense erogenous zone. For vaginas owners, anal penetration can stimulate the clitoral legs, as well as the A-spot and G-spot.


The cervix is the most sensitive orgasm in the female body, both physically and emotionally. The cervix lies deep into the vagina. It is where the vagina connects to the uterus. By stimulating the cervix, we stimulate the hypo gastric nerve. Contractions of the pelvic floor muscles and uterus can lead to the orgasmic feeling of climax.


The A-spot is a spot deep inside the anterior wall of vagina, near the cervix. It’s not easy to find it and using a longer vibrator might be good idea. Long circular movements might help also. We challenge you to try finding it.


Our brain is our sexier organ. Just like with meditation, we have to crawl into ourselves for mental orgasms. Slow down, take your time and be present in the moment. Enjoy every touch, caress, bite and sensation and the orgasm won’t be long in coming,


Erogenous zones orgasms are achieved exclusively through a lot of experimentation. We may be able to orgasm from kisses on our neck, teeth on our nipples, or fingers on the inside of our elbows. The best way to find your erogenous zones is to use lips, fingers or a feather teaser and take note of where you feel the most pleasure.


Also known as the ‘’super-orgasm’’, it occurs when a person climaxes more than once during one sexual experience. They can be consecutive orgasms or spaced out over a period of time. When it comes to how, it is incredibly individualized.

Try using different techniques, stimulate multiple parts of the body, experiment and incorporate sex toys, sensual cosmetics, bondage products (feather ticklers, handcuffs, whips, blindfolds, gags or any product that seems more appealing for your desires or needs), erotic games, but also erotic videos, sexy pictures or anything that can stimulate you, but more than anything, communicate with your partner and remember that more orgasms don’t always mean better sex.

Instead of a conclusion, we invite you to try to enjoy to the maximum the sexual experience that you have and enjoy the moment. Hyper-focusing on having an orgasm can actually make it even harder to orgasm. Just enjoy the experience, be present and do what feels good for you.