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Customers, travel companions

In SECRET PLAY we know the most important thing is the satisfaction of our customers. It is for this reason that our commitment is to offer a service that meets and exceeds your expectations. Our company strategy is developed based on the needs of our client and for this we have established the following commitments:

• Establish a customer-oriented culture in all levels of the organization, so that we will know what their needs are and how to act on them.

• Carry out quality controls of the customer advisory service, so that we will have feedback on our work to achieve excellent service levels.

• To ensure that our human capital is trained and motivated, we achieve this by continuing training courses and valuing the work done by them

• Diffuse said policy, updating it according to needs.

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Each customer, one history

In SECRET PLAY, we know how important is the quality of the product and the customer service, so we offer immediate attention by phone or e-mail, always ready to listen to our customers, and of course without haste, so that any doubt remains solved.


Your ideas are our inspiration

The good ideas are always the result of a conversation, well with the environment, or with other people, that's why we do not say no to any good idea, and we are more than happy to shape any project, either by personalizing articles, advising with any idea, or anything that the customer needs.


Our working relationship starts now

If there is something that as customers we have always suffered is the loneliness that we sometimes feel after we buy a product, therefore, as manufacturers, we do not want this feeling to be the sensation of our customers, so besides we have our phones always are available, before and after the acquisition of any product for whatever, we have the best guarantee and the easiest return process, so that any problem that the customer has is solved in the easiest way:

• Guarantee, our guarantee is adapted to the customer, 100% replacement of any defective product or 100% refund of the amount if the customer prefers it, and of course the delivery in these cases are at our expense.

• Return process, in the same way that our guarantee, our return process is also unbeatable, if you want to return some product, the customer just has to contact us and we will immediately pick it up ... with the shipping also at our expense.

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