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The Secret Play products contain natural elements beneficial to your skin that are visible on the outside, and you can feel inside.

Secret Play products contain ingredients used in traditional cosmetics so that, in addition to making you feel absolutely incredible, care your skin. Evocative aromas and irresistible flavors blend in exquisite harmony, and massages and caresses become the perfect prelude to a intense experience.

The sensuality and eroticism are not at odds with the natural. Secret Play contributes to the care of your skin with the benefits of its ingredients such as aloe Vera, paraben free or without sugars. Massage Oils and Silk Skin Lotions of sublime and light texture for kisses and caresses without sticky effect.

Secret Play is committed to respecting the environment, and social responsibility. We carry out concrete actions in the field of quality and effective equality at work, ethics and the quality of our products and respect for the environment.

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The environmental commitment of Secret Play is evident in the day to day of the company, with practices and habits respectful of the environment to contribute to the sustainable development of society and the environment with which it interacts. Secret Play is a member of ECOEMBES, environmental entity through which Secret Play manages the recycling of packaging, contributing to the protection of nature.

In addition, the suppliers and collaborators with whom Secret play works share this same commitment to the environment and have the necessary requirements to be holders of the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) certificates that guarantee it.


Secret Play cosmetic products have not been tested on animals. The Secret Play cosmetics are manufactured in Spain, which guarantees compliance with European regulations regarding the prohibition of experiments with animals to test cosmetics, as well as the control and quality standards of our brand.  


All our cosmetic products and fragrances are certified Natural and Bio. We create and elaborate them at the same time that we certify them, since we consider that it is the best guarantee of trust, coherence and transparency.

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